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Nut-Studded PB & J Thumbprints

img_5314Moving back in time, it’s a time machine, woot woot, and this way nothing matters but the foo-oo-ood.  It’s a recipe I made in ancient times (5 years ago) and am finally providing the details for, because… thoroughness is satisfying me a lot these days.  Here is the original post, and a window into a sillier time in my life when I had six-ish room-mates to feed, and their houseguests bunking in the rafters, and some cats, and my own retinue.  Back when Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home To Yours was mah true baking bible  (it is still page-stuck & splatter-stained <3).  The Kids’ Thumbprints naturally called my name, because by any other description they are peanut butter & jelly thumbprints, which is totes my *ahem*, jam.   Continue Reading »

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Ricotta Pancakes & Blueberry Compote

img_9981Hello lovely Love Day readers, I come with breakfast for the hungry heart, and while I’ll admit these aren’t these aren’t the fastest pancakes you’ll ever try, they may very well be the most special.  Make a stack of these for a loved one and they will know that they are precious to you and worth dirtying a few extra bowls for.  They’re light as air, delicate, crisp on the edges and elevated by a hint of lemon zest, so you can eat a bunch and not feel so heavy you couldn’t later do some *ahem* athletics, should you so desire.  Which is important.  *chases after 11-month-old* Continue Reading »

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Green Chili Chocolate Pie

img_4199Ahoy there, Valentine’s peoples!  I come bearing reminders that it’s that most romantic of days coming up with alarming speed, and wether you are decidedly for or against such a holiday as this (with it’s mushiness and what-so), you could hardly go wrong with making a chocolate pie to share with someone.  Or lots of someones.

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Five Seed & Honey Bread

img_4274I haven’t been feeling ultra magical lately.  Not with focus, anyway.  Like there is power (as we all have power) brewing and burbling but given no direction it just languishes (or worse, comes out negatively).  So, I’m changing this.  Especially in light of the state of the world right now, it’s so important to meditate on positive magic.  Connectivity, and acts of brave love, and hard, dedicated work even when it feels too difficult.  To push outwards with golden light, etc etc.  Continue Reading »

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Deep Chocolate Brownies for Grownups


Brownies are such a superstar baked thing in their joy = effort ratio (something like 1,000,000 = not much), and come in ALL sorts of iterations, some fudgey or chewy or caky or spotted with candies or nuts or swirled with things, and they’re all good, every last batch of them.  These ones are the little black dress of brownies – elegant and grownup tasting and dressy enough for any occasion, with a touch of Grand Marnier and ground almonds. Continue Reading »

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DIY Baby Food (smooth brew for new dudes)

16178904_1302636693130308_3459552971917825866_oAaah baby purées, those swirly, smooth, colour-crazy nutrition paints.  My tiny guy eats so well, and has been down so many avenues of flavour already, he’s all like, “not just crackers for me today, mom, what’s that new stuff?”  Granted, not so much with his mono-syllabic commentary, but with his gooey cheek-spattered grins he says it.  (I know this; we have a rapport). Continue Reading »

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Meyer Lemon Bars (and the merits of cryonically preserving seeds for the morrow)


Lemon bars are the perfect winter fooooood!!! ><  I ate half of them!!!!  They are like lemon pie but without all the floooooff!   And they’re easy.  And when you have a cup of Meyer lemon juice sitting all fragrant on your kitchen counter, wanting to be showcased in a simple frame, bars are the answer, yo.  Continue Reading »

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