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Meyer Lemon Bars (and the merits of cryonically preserving seeds for the morrow)


Lemon bars are the perfect winter fooooood!!! ><  I ate half of them!!!!  They are like lemon pie but without all the floooooff!   And they’re easy.  And when you have a cup of Meyer lemon juice sitting all fragrant on your kitchen counter, wanting to be showcased in a simple frame, bars are the answer, yo.  Continue Reading »


Coconut Cupcakes w/ White Chocolate Cream


Once there was a girl (with a curl) who loved coconut and all things tropical.  She had a birthday, as people do, and happily I was on the ball of baking-doing enough to actually provide cakelettes on time for celebrating.  Millions of them, ok ok seventy-two.

They’re fluffy and pale and do not have grated coconut inside like lots of coconut cake recipes do.  That was intentional cos I had a vision that didn’t involve that. 

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A Very Special Episode (or how I never learned to not overshare)


*Yawn*.  creak.  What?  Oh yeah.  Some time passes. 

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Domain Movements, Disappearing Feeds, and ♥ for my Blog Friends – an Update


Hello all,

I think there’s been some trouble with the relocation of teh olde blogge. Continue Reading »


Weekly Photo Challenge – Resolved



There at least two meanings of the word that I can think of.  The first that came to me, and perhaps the one with the most meaning anyway… is the resolution to finish something, to see it through despite all setbacks and fears.

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Bánh đa Cua – Crab Cake Soup with Red Rice Noodles from Hai Phong


It is freezing in Hanoi right now, all thing being relative.  My coworkers shudder in furry coats, doors keep closing everywhere to keep the draft at bay, and let me tell you – SOUP is on the menu, as if it ever stops being in Southeast Asia but you know.  Continue Reading »


2012, in summary.


What the hell happened?  New years 2011 I remember pulling Tarot cards that were a bit ominous, the Seven of Swords or something, and getting so drunk I kinda blanked on what me and my friends got up to in the secret attic-den in the back of our apartment.  Deep shit or acrobatics or just guitars and whiskey sours, probably.  But the point is, I once lived with 8 (+) people on a key street corner in the Mile End part of Montreal, and life was easy and thoughtless.  I had a boring job I was perfect at.  I had a boyfriend who was intriguing but not quite right for me.  I saw my family intermittently and I went out dancing sometimes.  It was a good life.  I had time and space to make art.

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