crispy rice @ maison bulgogi, and a lovely gateaux-meets-terrace moment


By which I mean yogurts.

Yeah, so working full time at a cafe means my fridge is almost embarrassingly empty of the makings of a complete meal, because I mostly eat at work.  Actually, it would be easy to say it’s embarrassing, but the truth of it is this amuses me to no end, lest I would never dream of displaying my mono-product placements online.  YOGURT!  hahahahahaha, oh man it’s amazing.  I can’t even tell you how many of these I go through.   … and hey, at least I still make my own granola.

(Gateaux Macaron, $3.67, from Au Pain Doré, white chocolate mousse with Frangelico, chocolate macarons, hazelnut praline and some kinda dacquoise bottom layer…. yum)

But I don’t always eat such a refined and creamy diet.  Nah, sometimes I skip lunch and head to the patisserie mecca that is the Parc/Laurier area of Montreal.  There, I select, ever so prettily; finger outstretched, scarf poised ever so, latent french skills bubbling to the fore as I speak, “un petiti macaron, s’il vous plait,” a tiny gateaux for a sundrenched october kinda day…

See, I’m doing research; I need to sample charlottes and opera cakes, tartes d’amande and chocolatines, cupcakes, galettes, canelles, mousses and all the layers and components between.  Bubbling together ideas, remembering the whisper of cream as it melts and coats the tongue and teeth with dairy-white satin, comparing the crackle of meringue and the snap of a tuile… oh yes, my career path is so taxing, I tell ya.

I bought a black coat today, and a white cat came to join me while I ate my black-white dessert, and the air was cold but I also had new mittens, so everything was actually pretty much perfect.

Night before: Maison Bulgogi!  After an attempt to go for Ethiopean at Magdala (and finding it apparently closed for the evening), my buddy D and I said fuck it, let’s do Korean.  And oh man!  man man!  Maison was so good, or at least I loved what I got.  The barbecued eel bi bim bap (I forget the actual Korean/hangul name for this) came on this great piping hot stone, with plenty of tender vegetables, not-too sweet but definitely-sticky barbecue sauce, and loads of white rice which, thanks to the stone, got totally crispy and amazing on the bottom.  crunch crunch!  Plus of course, plenty of hot sauce and kimchi mixed into the complimentary miso soup and vegetable sides (marinated potatoes, fat sprouts, and tender seaweeds).

D got the raw fish rice bowl, which would probably be the best damned thing this side of the pacific on a warm day, but as it stood I was really happy with my spicy hotness.  I didn’t try the raw fish, although the roe was super cold, almost frozen… so again good for summer I’m thinking.

Oh yeah – and the eel itself!  I almost forgot.  Like slurping up meltaway fatty strips of sweetness, SO GOOD.  Yeah, check out this restaurant, plus it’s full of Koreans which is (duh) a good sign.
La Maison Bulgogi on Urbanspoon

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