Dishcrawl Montreal, “inspired by Mayssam”, perpetuated by ravenous lust for delish


I’m not usually one to enter a restaurant full of 40-50 people I’d never met before, let alone one involving surprise dishes and other surprises, as was promised on the ticket, but a bit of bravery and a large bit of foodie curiousity did me in good stead and I had an absolute blast of a time, trying random foodstuffs and meeting people who were likewise just as obsessed with the capacity of edible things to hold flavour as I was!  Pretty amazing.  A lot of people had cards with their blogs on them, and I think I might follow suit.

Although, I might handmake mine with sparkles, but that’s mostly because I’m silly, and prone to sparkles.  Anyway!

The evening started out at Ella Grill, a place most notable for grilling their seafood (and especially their octopus) well, a feat I heard from my neighbours at the table was something quite special.  And to my own tongue, delicious – tender and char-tasting to a perfect degree, with herbs and peppers and other things I forget.  The evening also started out with the right thing first – dessert!  A pastry chef – whose name I also forget (I’m terrible!), brought out these most lovely and indulgent eclairs to kick everything off.  A concoction of pastry, coffee cream, sculptural chocolate, raspberry, and apparently anise, to delight the senses and basically be an absolute specimen of it’s kind.  Eclairs may come and go, but this one was good.

Then, we crawled.  Not like pubcrawled.  More like dishcrawled.  And really, more like sauntered up the street only one block to another restaurant, Biron, a posh and laidback abode with the chef even there to oversea the enjoyment he was orchestrating.  I was pretty lucky to get the deconstructed sushi plate (it was a 50% chance of landing in front of you), and the whole idea of finally getting to eat something off a plate with a syringe of mysterious substance, well……….. this is what I live for my friends.  It’s space age!  It’s delicious!  It’s actually RICE VAPOUR.  And among other things, any plate with raw salmon on it will give me joy, so if dishcrawl wanted to seduce me better they couldn’t.  :D  Wee.

Hmm, from the actual website?

Maki éclaté; sashimi de saumon, riz vapeur, vinaigrette sésame maison, œuf de saumon, avocat et concombre….

Nothing off the wall, for sure, but seriously, couldn’t be better to actually sup on.  Plus, they even had those steamed sweet buns I used to eat in Taiwan, with some sort of wasabi creamy sauce for the dunking, so amazing!  Biron is allright in my books.

Of course, that said, I don’t know what this was, belying my foodie pedigree by revealing my absolute lack of ability to differentiate what might have been turkey from what might have been pork.  But hey – these things happen!  It was really tasty anyway, with bitter rapini playing off of sweet potato puree in a nice way, not being too filling and definitely being artful.  Yeah, so I’m a recent vegan and can’t tell my proteins apart, ha!  It’s a punchline at this point anyway, right?  And then, there were mignardises, as in little yummy puffy desserty things I was too drunk at the time to appreciate with a palate of distinction, but there is never a bad time for superfluous sweet bites of pastry, so yeah!  awesomesauce.

Will I be going to the next one?   You bet!  And hopefully with more on-the-ball reporting so I can actually describe things with a fresh mind and a memory for specific ingredients.  Until then, well, I can blog about a pastry workshop I attended at Depanneur le Pick Up with Laloux’s Michelle Marek!  Soon, soon enough.  I’m getting the blogging bug back and with it there will be posts, read, commented or not. :P.  til then!

Current music: Stereo Total – Paris <> Berlin

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