Workshops @ Depanneur Le Pick-Up, PRT 2, Sausage-making and 2 kinds of sauerkraut (2 kinds!!) with Bartek Komorowski

how to cook sausages...

I don’t feel like writing very much or for formatting very well so tonight I am not doing that.

Tonight is just for appreciating that I have a kilo of spicy homemade sausage in my freezer, stuffed with redolent garlic, firey paprika, at least 20% delicious, delicious fat, and a good friend to go to workshops n’stuff to help me make it.

Bartek makes really truly excellent sausages btw, just perfect.  And his sauerkraut + potatoes ARE worth writing home about (if you happen to have the energy to write, I would start with those excellent potatoes and then you can get into how the cousins are doing.  yes, this sounds like the correct order of things.  )

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