L’Auberge de Dragon Rouge (and now for something completely anachronistic)

sarala's horns: authentic. .... ally awesome.

How long does it take after being invited to a medieval themed dinner for the synapses to start firing forth unrelenting with little voices that scream “Yes, YES, YES!”  ?

It’s a miniscule amount of time, still being researched (I’m sure) in certain academic circles, and maybe while they’re at it they could figure out the exponential increase in pleasure gained from dressing up like a loony whilst enjoying said medieval dinner.  Maybe?  I should ask.  Nicely.

Anyway, the hardest thing to decide was how I was going to extract all the exotic options out of the menu without leaving the evening a dirt-cheeked pauper or a roly-poly village fool.  (Fun options both, but I was aiming for “vaguely historical-ish RPG character castaway with dignity intact and a belly full of mead” ).   Temptations included: boar burgers, venison, shots of dragon’s blood, duck confit, guinea fowl, “saxon fries” with espelette pepper among the spice blend, and hydromel (that would be the mead)… most of which I got around to trying.

I mean, and also, this place is within walking distance of my house all this time and I didn’t know it?   WHAaaat?  Ahem.  Right, so, the food.

There are no good pictures of any it, mwahahahaha!!!  The dessert pic looks great.  Here it is right now, zoom!  This, by the way, is a cheesecake with a freaking GUINNESS CARAMEL BOTTOM.  Mmmmmm sticky-shovelling 5-spoon attack mode kinda dessert.  Glad we split it, and apparently the ground cherry was the best my sister had ever had.

Allright, now that’s out of the way, what did we order?  Well, the table had a round of exotic burgers, among them a boar and a deer, and I…. I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  After being obsessed with shows like this for ages:

the bad lighting made it taste more delicious at the time, I swear. the bad camera... I have no excuse for *hangs head in shame and anticipation of new camera-battery-charger arriving in the mail soon, she hopes*

I got the Game Pie.  Obviously.  It featured guinea fowl, duck and boar and this most wonderfully gently enticing spice blend (allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom?), steaming under a massive puff crust, along with a cold (!) rice pilaf and some forgettable vegetables that made me wish I hadn’t taken my health into consideration and had ordered the delectable saxon fries instead.  But the pie!  Man, the pie was awesome and made more so by being served only with a spoon, so it really did feel like… I dunno, digging into something ancient and cheekwarming.  Squee.  (author’s note: this dinner also begat my sister and I’s obsession with venison in burger form.  more on this later)

Other highlights of the evening included having our own wench, having said wench convince Sarala to drink dragon’s blood while standing on the table, drinking a lovely (initially too sweet but soon enjoyably slow-sippable) glass of medium-strong mead, having the skies part into a cracking thunderstorm right in the middle of our outdoor-meal (everyone scurrying for the safer tables), not having to pay the damn minstrels, and successfully cramming 5 people into a photo booth later on the way home, for like, extra wastrel effect.

"I used to have dreadlocks, you know"

*cue lazers shooting from eyes*   and now i go to bed.  One more post down, oodles to go.


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3 thoughts on “L’Auberge de Dragon Rouge (and now for something completely anachronistic)

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