Pop! Bar a Vin – honey’d pizza is insanely delicious

Right next door to famed Laloux (or at least, as I perceive it, the highly regarded Laloux), there is a little wine bar (Pop! Bar a Vin of course) done up in 70s teak, playing spage-age music in the vein of Cluster, Eno and Tangerine Dream whilst offering some pretty creative pizza spins at casually dressed drop-inners such as me and Dronecloud.  Dr. Cloud and I.

We were there via a Living Social offer, for 4 starters, 2 pizzas and 2 drinks (one white and one red, please!) for $30.  Not bad.  It almost feels like free food when you don’t cash those things in for a full month, wa-ha!   Try selecting from a menu when you know it’s freeeeee (sort of).  It’s pretty great.

The in-house menu is a bit different from the online version, like a second cousin with red hair instead of brown (similar but different, ingredients swapped in and techniques remaining, that sort of thing).  Anyway, we chose the arancini, smoked salmon, endive salad and beef carpaccio.  Arancini?  Crisp perfect outsides, slightly undersalted, basil detectable and overall OK.  Smoked Salmon?  Highly smoky, neat use of pearfruit, microgreens that serve a purpose (shock!) and cute but too-small drops of young cheese and pepper on the sides looking pretty.  Carpaccio?  Delish cause it’s raw beef!  But honestly couldn’t figure out the mango jam and potato crisp thingy on the side, and kinda dunked my mangoes in the endive salad cause it needed the jazz/flavour.  But, I’m a rebel like that I guess.   Yeah, dunno about that salad.  The elements were fine, but it wasn’t super flavourful.

I suppose in summation, the starts were medium-awesome.  Of middling enjoyment.

The PIZZA ON THE OTHER HAND omg slap me with a tub of olive oil, these were gooood.

I’d heard about the small portions, but when two crackling and glistening slabs of aromatic bread-za slid down before us, I regard in amazement the hugeness of the things, and how happy I was to have gone with my instincts by getting the Marrakesh – teeming with crunchy olives, ‘spanses of mmmmild goat cheese, dots of whole spices (coriander!  fennel!), slick with olive oil and here, there, everywhere – honey.  Oh lord, that honey.   *drooooolz*  Yumz.  Cheap too, considering this was $12 and could feed two not-so-hungry people for a quick lunch.  Win and Win!

D-cloud got the Milanese, with lardons baconning up the joint (“baconning” is a word, my friends.  It is now.  It’s a verb, obv.), two massive egg landmasses with fruitful gooey drippy rich yolk centers of awesome, really perfectly done asparagus fault-lines and under it all some quality mozza hiding amongst the egg whites but giving way on the tongue with a rather more rich and electric effect.

Oh, and the crust?  Delish.  Not necessarily authentic “pizza” kinda pizza crust, but more like a really chewy and rich flatbread, crispy and robust enough to hold up the toppings.  No complaints at’all.  Rilly REALLY good, even.

Verdict?  Go.  Avoid the frilly hit+miss starters and revel in the totally affordable and addictive pizzas.  Actually, I’m curious about their charcuterie plate, so I might try that next time whilst checking out the Scandinavian and the Hawaiian.  Heehee.  I’ll let know if good.

Okay sleep now.  Sunday night!  wooo!  zzzzzzzzzzzzz  ~.~

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