Bombay Mahal, like a Bomb of saucesplotion (and really, really good samosas)

I’m an Indian restaurant newbie in this city.  Until recently, my dining experience extended to only one – astonishingly oily and delicious – vegetarian thali plate at Pushap Sweets near Namur metro.  Thankfully, I’ve started dating not only a stunning photographer (stunning photographs AND stunning photo-taker), but an Indian food aficionado who wasted no time in showing me his favourite secret curry source, the ever-popular Bombay Mahal.

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Given I was eating with a veteran I let him introduce me to the menu, only elbowing my own interests in there far enough to make sure we had some raita/flavoured yogurt and that one of the curries was lamb and as spicy as possible.  Lamb Vindaloo was apparently this dish, although next time, I think I may ask for the kitchen to make it even spicier… it was delicious, but my tongue is made of iron I think, and could only dreamily imagine the levels of tasty possible with even more chili thrown into the mix.  Anyway, the lamb was good not mindblowing (I’ve been spoiled at Khyber Pass methinks) but that red sauce, well, I could drink that straight and almost did via mopping it up with the excellent naan bread and the requisite bowl of basmati rice.

What else did we order?  Chicken korma, with decent amounts of chicken in a deeply spiced broth, not *hot* spicy but warm.  A double order of samosas to ensure there were leftovers to take home, and some delectable onion bajis with a crazy good green dipping sauce (cilantro-y, onion-y) to start.  A vegetable curry… Aloo Gobhi, a perfect vegetal foil to the richness of the rest of the table.  I idly wondered what the sweets were like, but figuring there were only three on the menu I opted to let Pushap’s continue to show me the light of Indian desserts (oh!  that carrot burfi!), although seeing Galub Jamun did pique my interest.  Also, we were stuffed. (foodie fail!  haha)

All told, I was really satisfied with the quality of the meal, the price point, and the atmosphere, well, this IS an Indian restaurant in Parc Ex we’re talking about here (so: not great), but it was bustling and interesting and I’ll likely be back.  Or, at least, back in the neighbourhood to sample it’s competition!

Also, I want a whole set of those little metal dishes, they are so like AW, I’m just sayin.

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