affordably fresh, and some crazy maki ideas – Sushi 111

Sometimes, all you want is raw fish.

Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be an artisanal moment or a wallet-destroying decision, a sea-sing-song of the ocean, or a sexy movie-moment from some spy film involving Yakuza. No really, it doesn’t.

For moments like this, there are a plethora of options in this fine city, one of the nicer of which is Sushi 111 on Mont-Royal. I’d had good luck here a few years before (Veganyears™) with their veggie-friendly offerings, and appreciated the thought they had put into the tinily sliced cucumbers and the surprisingly nice-ish decor for a place of it’s standing (moody even, and minimalist-meets-tacky christmas, but more on the minimalist side of things). Fast forward a few years, now eating fish and wanting to figure out how they treat it, I went straight for the goods as pure as I could find it, just getting a white tuna sashimi, scallop sashimi, a red tuna/maguro roll (I like tuna! :PP), and an oshiko (radish) minimaki. They also have a bunch of designer rolls filled with interesting stuff and a lot of tempura, but for the sake of argument (and for my sushi tastes which are more traditional), I steered clear of those this trip. Although, I do hear that that the Special 111 is well worth trying.

It takes a while to get food here, but there is a good reason and one well worth appreciating – they make every order fresh, even the simple ones! There’s another perk to this place that I forgot until I opened my dinnerbox 15 minutes later (depanneur beer in hand) in the park across the street. — they often add a complimentary roll! Which does make a difference in the hunger battle, and it’s just nice to have a few extra avocado and cucumber tastebites with your meal without even asking for them. It’s like… the freaking breadbasket + butter of raw fish. Or something like that. At this place, I think it is.

Now, the actual appraisal. Is it mind-shattering? God no. The fish is pretty normal, but that’s really to be expected. It’s not bad by any means, I enjoyed the texture indicating freshness and it played well with the rice itself (which they do pretty well). The white tuna was the most interesting piece in the box, for sure.  I’d say… stick to sashimi so the fish is right there and unmistakable, OR, go for the fancy dancy concoctions involving green olives and goat cheese and pineapple, if that’s your bag.  Either way, there’s a lot to love here.  I… always say I’m going back to a place, but in this case I just looked at the menu and realized, DA<MN but I’m hungry for fishes … again.. and not supermarket stuff!  And this, this is where 111 shines.  Twinkle!

Sushi 111 on Urbanspoon

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