a Blueberry Marshmallow Dreamtart, because summer’s still here.

Pastry ideas come to me fully formed, most times.  The ancient Greeks credit Muses for bolstering their artists, and I can only assume that I have my own spun-sugar goddess hovering somewhere around the chocolate cabinet.  At the mere mention of a blueberry-themed Sunday down at the SAT

marshmallow operations

Foodlab market (on the corner of St Laurent and René Lévesque), it took all of 5 or 6 minutes to decide on making a blueberry and marshmallow tart – a little strange, a little immature, and totally over the top!  A riff on Parisian patisserie Ladurée‘s tarte fraise à la guimauves, I swapped out the strawberries and added a thin layer of lime curd to replace their tart zing much needed in the pillowy, spun-puffy surroundings.

It became a deep dish.  I do not have a tart pan!  And this way, I got to use the entire batch of crème mousseline (that is to say, pastry cream with extra butter whipped into it once it’s cooled and set).  It also meant a bit of extra work cutting each tile of pâte sucrée to fit into a springform pan, but I think it’s pretty beautiful… and, much easier to cut clean slices later!

The lime curd gave me more trouble, as I discovered a graininess had developed after one night in the fridge.  Heating it gently in a saucepan smoothed out the grain, but alas the set was never the same, and the “curd” became more of a thick lime sauce.  I asked an experienced pastry chef her advice and she suggested treating it like a mayonnaise, restarting the emulsion from the beginning with a small amount of the original recipe, OR, just using brute force and siccing a blender on that stuff.  :D  wee.  Next time.  It behaved well enough as a thin layer on top of fresh-crushed berries, though, and once I laid a huge strata of homemade blueberry-orange blossom marshmallows over that, and finally a carpet of wild berries, painted glossy with jams, it was all complete!

Only thing to do now, is EAT IT !!!!!

nom nommmity MAMAZING om.

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