a new favourite lunch spot – Lyla Vietnamese in Parc-Ex

As soon as I heard about Lyla, it shot to the top of my list of new restos to try.  The words “Durian” and “Smoothie” (thank you to La Petit Boule for revealing this secret!!) may have had tons to do with this.  Okay, maybe that durian smoothie was so at the forefront of my mind that I biked there with nearly no other thought but how freaking awesome it was going to be, and what could I eat alongside that to compliment the drink.  You know, instead of the other way around.

To my credit, it was a hot day.

It doesn’t surprise me then that I quickly decided on a spicy Hue-style Pho.  Perhaps not as spicy as some eaten in the actual city of Hue (awwww), but reasonably hot, and certainly delicious.  Very flavourful but still light, and the beef was just perfect – meltingly tender and cut razor thin.  The noodles gave me more trouble; fat like udons and without sproing of wheat udon or the delicacy of thinner rice noodles, they were a little hard to slurp up properly, but they DID become their owngame… a game of hide and seek!  See, they looked precisely like white bean sprouts, so it was a textural surprise with each mouthful – soft or crunchy or both?  Spooned into the giant spoon and eaten with lots of broth, it was actually hella fun.  And, altogether a crazy cheap way of getting a steambath made of star anise and cardamom, coriander, fennel and clove, fresh herbs and spicy sauce.  AND not heavy-making in the belly at all.  Perfect summer midday eats.  Or, now that I think of it, late night eats, ahah!

The durian shake was, of course, the star of the show and the light of my life.  ^_____^

It really could have been twice as big and I would have bathed in it.  I have it on good authority that they blitz-whip this stuff fresh per order (Petit Boule again), and it tasted… so light, so icy-creamy but still kinda funky melony… how do I describe the taste of durian?  Anyway, in smoothie format it’s not even slightly offensive as a flavour.  Just really, really good.  Tastes like silhouetted figures against balmy and buzzy winding rivers, glow-bugs blinking past, sounds of markets and scooters, and an ever-brighter moon…..  something like that, okay?  This is very scientific right here. :)

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One thought on “a new favourite lunch spot – Lyla Vietnamese in Parc-Ex

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m super happy you enjoyed the durian smoothie at Lyla, not a lot of people like durian so I’m glad there’s another durian lover out there :) And looking at your blog’s name, is it right for me to assume that you like bubbletea? Have you tried the durian bubbletea at Magic Idea (chinatown)? They don’t use fresh durian, but it’s still pretty darn good! I think you can durian bubbletea at Harmonie too! Vive le durian :D


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