The Turquoise Lasagna (aka Carebear Pie, aka “Diabetus” aka what happens when Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats go way over the deep end)))

layer of Lucky Charms marshmallow treats

gourmet jellybeans
more marshmallows
milk chocolate
dark chocolate
peanut butter granola
Blueberry muffin Mini Wheats
milk chocolate covered raisins
Heritage Khorosan wheatie flakes
grey salt


This was a bad idea at inception.  This was a untold extravagant success and/or mass room-mate-icide attempt at the hands of an over-drunk me and Cloudy.  This was Friday night made manifold and manifested into a glucose patty of hideous candyshop proportions.

Weirdly, it actually tasted good.  *shakes head in utter disbelief*

Basically I wanted to make Susan Feniger’s millet puffs at 10:58 at night – a healthy (kinda) track that got a bullet train smashed right through it – explosions ensued obviously – mostly when I spied the Lucky Charms for sale at the grocery store.  Two minutes left ’til closing and with 3 of the 4 major players in hand (butter, marshmallows, cereal… only candy is missing.  so far.), we ran home and built a quick recipe of the timeless marshmallow treat.

But… wait.  It’s not right.  It’s too sweet. Man, this sucks.  Well let’s put it in a pan anyway.  Hey wait.  Just a second *runs runs runs to her room*  *laughs manically while cascading a giant bag of jellybeans over the pan*.  Can we do this?  Is this allowed?

*more rummaging ensues*

Basically the entire contents of my candy drawer AND cereal closet get pored over, cracked open, sprinkled, crushled, jammed and dotted with little bits of butter and left in a low oven for 20 minutes, creating….

um, basically the best late-night snack food ever.  It only took us 6 days to finish it, is all. :)


I just ate my first entire burger ever! Thanks Typhoon Lounge

In my adult life, I have finished only one full burger, and that burger was last night.  ( Hey!  I was vegan for years and these things happen! ).  How lucky was I that the burger in question was a gleamingly pink centred and charry crusted example of the kind?  An inviting sandwich that has only whetted my appetite for more.

the Godfather

I accompanied Mr Lew of Great Burger Search blog and Foodie Date Night on an excursion to Typhoon Lounge – the kind of sports bar atmosphere I readily avoid and never would have imagined could be associated with such good food.  So glad to be corrected on this assumption!  And while my request for a portobello burger met with news that the kitchen was all out mushrooms (awwwwww) (yes, I actually adore portobellos, ok?), this turned out to be a blessing that forced me to face my fears head on…. and actually devour a cow sandwich.  Eek!

While not as juicy as the two other half-burgers I’ve had before in recent memory, it was

the Wilson

very flavourful, and cooked medium rare just as I asked.. (rarrr!  I like the colour pink in ALLLL sorts of ways, yo).  The toppings on the burger I chose – the Monkland – were unfortunate, though, as I didn’t realize that “avocados, jalapenos and chipotle mayo” would mean an unholy huge glob of slightly spicy mayo in the centre of what would otherwise be an enjoyable patty, but once I scraped off the worst of it and could taste the beef again, all was well.   Save for the mayo, it also wasn’t greasy in the slightest.  Yay!

The fries were good, just sweet enough and made me yearn for vinegar, but what was really impressive was the sweet potato fries that Foodie Date Night enjoyed – incredibly crisp sticks, unbelievable!  Superfried, must have been.  Mmmm.  Note to self: order sweet potato fries more often.

I heard nothing but rave reviews around the table, enough to balance out was honestly was some pretty slow service.  Is okay, though.  I’m spacey enough to decide not to notice things like that.  And for a solid meal like this, sometimes it’s an

the Typhoon. with BACON! :P

allowable time expense.

Next meat fear to conquer?     BACON.  Stay tuned!

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Just One Bite: figs and honey and yogurt and… Thai marmalade!?

Are there any words needed to describe this moonshine sunshine morning delite?  There aren’t and yet I’ll still try, because doing as many as six impossible things before breakfast is the name of any game worth playing, or at least any game worth playing while the coffee is brewing and the house is still asleep and there’s a big box of figs on the table with a note that says “EAT FIGS”

And I wonder why I can’t sleep in, when mornings are like that.

I layered slices of oozing heady fig pieces with globs of cream-silky vanilla Liberté yogurt, drizzled it all with Quebec wildflower honey and jammed some Honeycomb cereal in there because I roll with the cereal you guys.  Cereal is just awesome.

I also plopped some of my own Thai lemon-pineapple marmalade in there (laced with tamarind and chile and mint) because I could.  It didn’t go with the rest.  But damn, if it isn’t a fine marmalade anyway.  Absolutely stunning with tuna, what can I say.  I suppose a jams/jellies/pickles post update is forthcoming… no?  With recipes?  Yes?  Ah yes!  It will be done. ^_^

I mean, after I get some more sleep, that is. ^_^;;;;;

Veggie post #3 – Minder Vegetarian – crossed an ocean to find the RIGHT approach to Chinese fakeymeat.

Thus ends my trifecta of mockmeat posts – an ode to a paradisical place, a magical mist-emitting buffet lunch secret that has multiple locations across Taiwan and almost invariably has at least one Buddhist nun enjoying her brown rice from a dark plastic tray just like everyone else – it’s Minder!  Minder Vegetarian!  My favouritest of veggie places that makes Chinese Buddhist temple food just like it should be, with a balance of tastes and a nonstop abundance of greens, greens and more greens.  And also mochi.  And also tempura.  And fake duck and wiggly jiggly rubbery dianmonds that disintegrate in your mouth and sweet fried lotus flowers and rice paper wraps filled with veggie caviar (I kid you not) and all sorts of savoury mushrooms and OKRA and Law Bok Gow (turnip cakes!!!) and sauteed Chinese bitter greens in light sauce and edamame and even, if you’re lucky, those crispy-fried sesame studded red-bean-paste-filled bombs of love, Jin Deui.  Rice on the side is the equivalent of 33 cents and everything you see here (up there in those boxes)?  Enough food to shake a merry fist in the face of airplane boxed terribleness – not once but thrice and a very good portion – was approximately 12$.  I mean, that and a cheap-o massage while you’re waiting at the metro and damn I’m starting to miss Taiwan again, but hey that’s a digression and it’s food here we’re talking anyway.

So yeah, all you have to do is make sure you don’t show up so early that there’s nothing laid out from which to sup, but once all those plates are there, ye pretty much go to town and sup sup sup with either wee little complimentary chopsticks or be a pro and bring your own.

Don’t say I didn’t recommend this place. ^_^

/useless post for Montrealers.

/terrible Old Camera™ photos


Veggie post #2: Bentos & Buddhism at Yuan Vegetarian

cryogenic tofu stuffs

When you’re in the mood for Chinese Buddhist temple food, and I know this happens to everyone just all the time (j/k), there isn’t any place much better to go than Yuan Vegetarian at Sherbrooke and St Denis, where one can get a surprisingly peaceful and quick vegetarian lunch with some interesting options like steak, sushi and eel if you feel so inclined.

There’s even a grocery store crammed full of all those delish imposter-flesh goodies, including my favourites, the chicken drumsticks with the little plastic bones inside and the massive pink flaky fake salmon with the black skin.

Yuan does a simple take on what could be a complicated and overthought approach to a bento – a savoury and sticky mock-main dish (steak or fish or what-have-you) arranged with a palette of fresh steamed broccoli, nutty brown rice, a decent little iceberg salad, some oranges (w00T) and a little bit of crispy fried nori condiment.  It really does the trick and is genuinely nourishing, too!  I don’t remember the pricing but I remember the lunch bento is one of the better deals on the menu and it comes with a soup – hot & sour or miso – as well.

hot & sour!

We tried both, and while neither were reinventing the soup-wheel, both were deeply warm and MSG-goodyum and could stand proudly among their more fish-based cousins.  The “steak” that my friend ordered was not incredibly beefy tasting, but it was good and came with a nice thick breaded coating if you like that sort of thing.  The fish had a sweet and sour sauce and I enjoyed it even more, especially next to the fresh vegetables.

This post by Food at First Sight has an even more in depth investigation of Yuan’s food and I recommend checking it out if you’re curious.  I ate here a long time ago and it was just a quick stop so I didn’t get a chance to really explore the wonders of the neo-Chinese menu.

miso suup

I will have to give mega points for the atmosphere, which was remarkably like eating in a water garden, and effect which was helped by being alone in the restaurant on a friday morning, save for one patron who seemed to be a regular.  The space is quite sizeable and I can only imagine the numbers it must accomodate at nights and when the buffet is on!  Yes, there is a lunch buffet option, an All You Can Eat style where you select menu items and the servers bring them round.  I would love to try that with a group!

fishy fish ben-to!

All in all, I was pleased with Yuan.  Nothing seems expertly prepared, it’s all pretty basic stuff, but it’s a nice change from it’s meat-heavy versions and the location/atmosphere is attractive.  I filed it away under “places that will make brown rice FOR me” and walked out just perfectly full and satisfied for under 12$ (if I remember correctly).  Bonus!

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