Kazu, because yes, it is that good.

I can’t believe it took me that long to go to Kazu.  It lives so lightly on the lips of Montreal food-knowers, spilled out and around to anyone who can hear – go to Kazu!  It’s superlative!  Try damned near anything and revel in the rice puffs and zillion sauces and teenyweeny space and the detailed taste of it all!  Don’t forget to go hungry!  Smile at life for making Japanese pub food easy to get!

It really is as great as advertised, really.  We didn’t even wait to sit – a concern for starving bellies – but going at lunch and on a rainy Sunday may have helped in that respect.  The greyness made the inside even cozier, and the tables were still moving so quickly they were empty for barely 10 seconds before the next contented diners claimed elbow space and cast their eyes up to the fluttering hand-drawn wall of menu items to select their awesome meal.  Geez, they even had a friendly list of Soju drinks!  sweeeeet bippy, I is home.

K, so we actually went at lunch so my dining friend could finally get his ramen virginity taken – he’d never had it before !!  (/shocked face).  I didn’t try much of his dish, but the little I did was nicely spiced and had a definite sensation of soft, fuzzy warm, like a sweater.  Probably so ideal once the weather gets cooler, an inner hug with pork in it!  I think the noodles are made in-house, too.  Seriously.

I ordered the superstar item – the tuna and salmon bowl – and there’s probably not much I can say about it that hasn’t been gushed about before.  It’s a textural wonderland, sweet, crispy, freshest fish creamy, aromatic and damn if that isn’t the best sushi rice I can think of in recent memory – all those things.  *wipes brow*.  Mmmmm I snapped it up SO happily, and I can see why they give you a spoon with your chopsticks – so you can place all the many components just-so and then enjoy each slightly different bite!

We also got some fresh tofu, available only on Sundays, and it was a delightfully light and wiggly dish to enjoy alongside.  It’s fresh but not flavourless, actually having a slightly bitter bean taste that made me all nostalgic for Taiwanese dòufu which is slightly sweeter and served with syrup, but

sparkly umeboshi soju drink!

the savoury Kazu treatment won me over pretty quickly.  The top was scattered with these green translucent herb-squares that tasted of fresh field grasses, and the sauce they used was the perfect soy bath, rich but refreshing in a paradoxical and addictive way.

Criminy I was satisfied with this food.  Totally going back.  And now I can join every other Montreal blogger in having a Kazu post.  Kazooooo!  Geez I want to try that grilled pork neck and shrimp burger……. (there might well be a Part 2 to this post before the snow falls…)

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5 thoughts on “Kazu, because yes, it is that good.

  1. jonlee says:

    its incredible to find decent ramen-yas in montreal. a bowl of ramen is the best to thing to have in a chilly winter. hi my name is jon and i’m from singapore. it’s not a place in china. u can look up the atlas but essentially, my country is at the equator, sandwiched between malaysia and indonesia.

    juz wanna say that i like your blog, especially so that you talked quite a lot on asian food. I will be going over to montreal in jan next year for 2 months and your blog will be a solace for me in sniffing out the good asian eateries. So, thanks a lot. and keep on writing!


    • elizabethranger says:

      thanks so much, jon! ^_^ yeah, I do love asian food and always wanted to go to singapore, ever since I saw anthony bourdain go there and love it so much. There’s some good stuff here in montreal, for sure, and I hope you find everything you’re looking for and have a good stay! There’s been a recent surgence of izakaya-style places, and you can find some cool tapas and fusion places with an asian spin, like Ryu, Koko and Biron (I haven’t been to first two, but Biron was awesome). For sushi, Zen-Ya, Jun-i and Tri Express are great. Hwang Kum is good Korean. There’s a billion good Chinese places in Chinatown, and for Thai there’s a little food court place downtown called Cuisine Bangkok that’s supposed to be mind-blowing. You’ll have to let me know about any good finds you have while you’re here!


      • jonlee says:

        hey! its cool to know that u heard about singapore. its like 12000 miles montreal and here! i’m all for trying different kinds of food from different cultures in montreal. the only fear i have is just the cold weather during winter.

        if you dun mind, i wonder if you can be my food guide during my 2 months stay in montreal :). i would love to know how a local goes about getting their food fixes. do let me know if u are ok with the idea. my email address is jon_lee777@hotmail.com.

        great to know you and your blog. cheers~~


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