Gone Canning!

«You will place it in Glass Jars not too Deep: & leave it cool down, and if afterwards you look through the Sun’s light you will find it as Beautiful as a Ruby. You have to show or give to some great Prince or high Lord when they will be angry with the Heat or otherwise altered they will find the Jam hearty & Delicious & Without Defects. And if you do it like I have put on Paper, undoubtedly you will do a Jelly in all Perfection. » — Nostradamus

A bit of a break in posting for a week… it’s canning season and I’m tending to many, many cauldrons of bubbling boiling fruity sugary goo…. it’s bliss!

so far,

Raspberry, wildflower honey and lime jam

Cherry preserves wth amaretto and cinnamon

Pluot jam

Wild Quebec blueberries with lemon verbena

Spiced nectarines with black cardamom

And I haven’t even hit the Jean Talon market yet today…. ~_~

eep, see you soon!

xoxoxox Liz

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