iffy iffy at Queen Sushi

This isn’t a sushi city, and it would be folly to expect revelations at a regular sushi joint.  I can tell you now that there weren’t many at Queen Sushi.  But there were some special and enjoyable aspects to the experience that I should share so the best meal can be had there if you’re faced with Queen’s menu.  I’d heard that it was best to stick to the chef’s more artistic creations in order to get one’s money’s worth out of some pretty normal tasting fish.  In certain ways I would concur with this advice, but the dinner was still a bit hit and miss for me.  Let’s take a look….

We started with the Unagi Katsu (15$), tempura’d eel with bonito, gorgeously presented on a leafy plate and donned with a nest of sprouts.  The sauce was pretty delish – sweet and earthy but still acidic enough to cut the richness of the unagi, and awesome to use as a dip for all the little bonito bits everywhere.  Basically, the accoutrements of the dish were stellar, but I found the eel itself to be kind of an oil bomb.  Maybe it was silly to order such a fatty sea creature in fried form, but my friend hadn’t tried eel before and I thought maybe it would have more of that sweet rich flavour that unagi is so good for.  None of that here.  We enjoyed this, but still left a noticeable portion of food behind… and we’re good eaters!

Another disappointment was the Lobster Pizza (18$), which came on a most attractive platter with our other simple orders – a hosinko/pickled radish hosomaki (3.25$) and 3 pieces of Hamachi sashimi (6.50$).  It was an extremely tiny disc – about 4″ in diameter – of crispy fried rice, topped with a thick layer of (also oily) vaguely lobster-y smelling tempura with no lobster to be found at all, and even the avocado pieces on top were not very awake-looking.  …… for 18$.  I hate complaining about stuff like this, but… seriously?  We kinda poked at the little greasy thing and went straight for the radish sushi and the hamachi, which were kind of a relief to have around so we could get something to eat.  Is that wrong?  The radishes were awesome and hamachi was (of course) only fair.  Hmm.

Not all was lost at Queen Sushi however.  There was one absolute winner that night, the AMAZINGLY delicious Skyy Roll (14$ – soya sheet, grilled shrimp with teriyaki sauce, spicy tempura salmon, crabstick, omelet, tobiko, sweet potato, fried onion). I’m not usually a fan of sushi with so many ingredients, but this was crispy and creamy but still… clean tasting, and the rice itself was fabulous.  The pink mayo-based sauce was also a total hit of the night, and we dipped nearly everything else on the table into that because it was so good.  It was indulgent in a good way, and reminded me of these awesome snack-treats you can find in asian 7-11s that involve almost exactly the same ingredients.  Yummmmmers.

So yeah, I dunno.  Make of this experience what you will.  It’s entirely possible that we just ordered really badly from this menu.  The service was a little all over the map, too, though… our server was very agreeable and attentive but disappeared after promising to bring us more wasabi and didn’t return until she asked us if we wanted our bill.  The chef came over to glare at us at the beginning of our meal, and then returned later to personally deliver the lobster pizza with a notably more friendly demeanor.  On our way out we were given a card “good for 10% off our next visit”, but it upon closer inspection had “Kevin VIP -14% off” handwritten on it.  I dunno.  Maybe that’s normal.  *shrug shrug again*.  I’m also not the biggest fan of the “superfried” style of sushi, so maybe that’s playing a role in my appraisal.  Chacun à son goût, and better luck next time I guess….

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