100 Chinese Foods to Try Before Rebirth


It’s no secret at all that I adore Chinese food, so it was with a little thrill that I found this master list of renowned delicacies that come from that huge nation – and with a small bit of regret that I haven’t had time yet to try them all!  This WILL have to be remedied, and now I have a neat cheat sheet for culinary blank spots I need to fill.  Yum!  How many can you cross off the list?  (I’ve bolded everything I’ve tried so far, in this life…)

Ed’s update: articles with an asterix were eaten between 2012 and 2017!

  1. not on the list, but an essential taste – ASPARAGUS DRINK!

    Almond milk

  2. Ants Climbing a Tree (poetic, not literal, name)
  3. Asian pear
  4. Baby bok choy
  5. *Baijiu (chinese white liquor)
  6. shaved ice, rarrr! best dessert ever? yeah.

    Beef brisket

  7. Beggar’s Chicken
  8. Bingtang hulu
  9. Bitter melon
  10. Bubble tea
  11. dragonfruit on the right (and cherimoya, on the left)

    Buddha’s Delight

  12. xiao long bao – soup dumplings

    *Cantonese roast duck

    bingtang hulu – candy coated hawthorn (a close cousin to crab apples) – YUM!

  13. Century egg, or thousand-year egg

    congee/rice pudding – cheap and wonderful breakfast

  14. *Cha siu (cantonese roast pork)
  15. Char kway teow
  16. *Chicken feet
  17. Chinese sausage
  18. Chow mein
  19. Chrysanthemum tea
  20. *Claypot rice
  21. Congee
  22. dragon’s beard candy 

    Conpoy (dried scallops)

  23. Crab rangoon
  24. Dan Dan noodles
  25. Dragonfruit
  26. stinky tofu! much better than it sounds, especially fried with cabbage!

    Dragon’s Beard candy

  27. Dried cuttlefish
  28. Drunken chicken
  29. there is actually 1000-year-old egg in these rice wraps. mmmm homemade lunch.

    Dry-fried green beans

  30. Egg drop soup
  31. Egg rolls
  32. Egg tart
  33. Fresh bamboo shoots
  34. Fortune cookies
  35. Fried milk
  36. Fried rice
  37. Gai lan (Chinese broccoli)
  38. General Tso’s Chicken
  39. Gobi Manchurian
  40. Goji berries (Chinese wolfberries)
  41. Grass jelly
  42. *Hainan chicken rice
  43. Bubble tea, boba tea, milky tea… naturally.

    Hand-pulled noodles

  44. hand pulled Yilan city noodles (famous!), with mock meat

    Har gau

  45. Haw flakes
  46. Hibiscus tea
  47. Hong Kong-style Milk Tea
  48. Hot and sour soup 
  49. Hot Coca-Cola with Ginger
  50. Hot Pot
  51. * Iron Goddess tea (Tieguanyin)
  52. Jellyfish
  53. Kosher Chinese food
  54. hot pot lunch time action!

    Kung Pao Chicken

  55. Lamb skewers (yangrou chua’r)
  56. Lion’s Head meatballs
  57. Lomo Saltado
  58. Longan fruit
  59. Lychee
  60. Macaroni in soup with Spam
  61. Malatang
  62. Mantou, especially if fried and dipped in sweetened condensed milk
  63. Mapo Tofu
  64. Mock meat
  65. * Mooncake (bonus points for the snow-skin variety)
  66. Nor mai gai (chicken and sticky rice in lotus leaf)
  67. Pan-fried jiaozi
  68. *Peking duck
  69. a bag full of cookie oracles

    Pineapple bun

  70. Prawn crackers
  71. Pu’er tea
  72. Rambutan
  73. Red bean in dessert form
  74. Red bayberry
  75. *Red cooked pork
  76. *Roast pigeon
  77. Rose tea
  78. Roujiamo
  79. *Scallion pancake
  80. Shaved ice dessert
  81. Sesame chicken
  82. Sichuan pepper in any dish
  83. Sichuan preserved vegetable (zhacai)
  84. Silken tofu
  85. Soy milk, freshly made
  86. Steamed egg custard
  87. Stinky tofu
  88. Sugar cane juice
  89. Sweet and sour pork, chicken, or shrimp
  90. Taro
  91. Tea eggs
  92. Tea-smoked duck
  93. Turnip cake (law bok gau)
  94. Twice-cooked pork
  95. Water chestnut cake (mati gau)
  96. Wonton noodle soup
  97. Wood ear mushroom
  98. Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings)
  99. Yuanyang (half coffee, half tea, Hong Kong style)
  100. Yunnan goat cheese

One thought on “100 Chinese Foods to Try Before Rebirth

  1. S says:

    Great list! Gobi manchurian is Indian-styleChinese food though while Crab Rangoon is Americanized fake Chinese food.
    I think char siu (cha siu) is the sweet red bbq pork commonly found in Chinatown bbq shops, not the roast pork with crispy skin.
    Happy eating !


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