Omma Korean – brunch like mom never used to make (but should have)

From the ashes of Senzala (well okay, it’s just moved to Acadie boul.), rises the paradise-bird of Omma – a new Korean resto in town, almost impossibly close to my apartment!  I get my own wi-fi at the table even, the boys wear frilly orange aprons, there are jars of nice teas lining the bar and almost more importantly than all of these things combined – I now have a source for generous bowls of spicy kimchee at a moment’s notice, and with bottomless coffee besides.  Eeek!  God I love brunch.  And ESPECIALLY brunch involving dumplings.  :)

It was the first sunday brunch service ever, so some hiccups were to be expected.  I’ll divulge right now that it took a looooooong time for our food to come, but for a fledgeling restaurant I’d say they have a good vision going already.  I can’t wait to see how it improves in the future, and even now I was pretty impressed with the offerings.  It’s all very affordable, and we started some sides of the aforementioned kimchee for 2.50$ (bliss!) and a bowl of roasted tomatoes and white beans for 3$.  The beans were definitely made from scratch, and were really wonderful, a much lighter and fresher version of the sticky baked beans that so often accompany a Quebecois breakfast.

We also got some toast alongside because, well… the options were rice or toast with the mains, and I figured we should try some of everything Omma had to offer.  The butter that came alongside was in little packets (aw, points off) but I’m pretty sure the cherry-like strawberry preserves were housemade as well (points verily ON!), and I like that it was seedy buns instead of loaf bread.

For our mains we ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap with rice, BBQ beef, sauteed and seasoned vegetables, a fried egg and gochujang spicy paste for 14$- (how could we not??) and the Pajun omelet/pancake for 12$.  Both were supposed to come with fruit, but I didn’t mind that only one bowl came, because that’s not really what we were there for.  No, I was there for the Bibimbap with it’s crispy rice that fries to such a lovely crust on the bottom of the sizzling bowl, and for the mix of fresh vegetables and runny rich yolk that typefies the dish.  It did not disappoint!  While the beef was ground and not sliced like I’d hoped (aw), the toppings were plentiful, notably with some homemade cucumber pickles and chewy shitakes in the mix, and while almost too hot to eat, we did good work on it and there was nary a ricelet left over, I can say that.

The Pajun was also surprisingly good, with fat strips of scallion and an elusive flavour of… mom’s cooking.  That might the best way to describe it.  The kind of taste that comes from technique and a lifetime.  And that lovely fried food magic, but it’s DELICIOUS oil so we do NOT care.  (I can see why this is on the entree section of the dinner menu ;).  The dipping sauce that came with it and the potatoes were also really, really good and if we’d ordered the rice instead of toast the dish would have been just that much better.  Fruit was ok.  But as I said, who cares about fruit in the face of Nurunji.  Obv.


Add to all of this bottomless coffee with a distinct nutty flavour and a dish of dumplings I’ve still yet to try, and this place has already carved a spot in my heart and most certainly into the neighbourhood itself.  I actually keep watching people go up in rapt interest to read the dinner menu posted on the door, which also looks very interesting… anyway, here’s to the new kid on the block.  건배! (cheers and good luck!)

Omma on Urbanspoon

Omma Korean on Citeeze


okay, this Korean thing stuck on my brain.  I love those strong flavours so much.  ha, the next day I saw Maangchi prepare a simple and healthy sprouts bibimbap and I knew I had everything in the fridge – I followed suit.  Geez, if there’s a fried egg on it, can I ever say no?  *cough*  No.

As Maangchi would say – “Delicious!” ^-^

Here is her making it. —->

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