comfy noshing Polish-style at Euro Deli Batory

Euro Deli Batory is the kind of place that’s going to make this upcoming winter worthwhile.  What better way to bundle up against the winds than with steaming, groaning plates of sausage, potato, cream and spices in a place painted red and wooden?  Done completely authentically and sold for as cheap as any regular sandwich, this place is going to be my sweater, slightly more stylish than a reindeer-knit but only just slightly.  There is, after all, a giant woollen eagle decorating this place like a guardian of your Polish auntie’s rec room.  Amazing.

If you need Hunter’s stew, sausage, potato dumplings, pierogies, mustard, sour cream, Montreal-style coleslaw, salad and cabbage roll in tomato butter sauce all on a big plate (swirl that fork through the tangy sauces… SWIRL IT!  :D), than I recommend the Polish Plate (or, in our case, a generous 1/2 plate for 9.75-ish$).  Not the kind of thing I would recommend finishing alone unless you’re hungry, but then again, if you’re hungry it’s perfect.

On the side – a nice little light snack, and a new offering at the Deli – a bundle of the most tender spinach and cheese crepes ever in an awesome buttery sauce (8$).  Sproingy crepes and zingy fillings, totally a winner, and also with vegetables for health.  They also have versions with bacon and cheese, and sweet crepes with fruits and cheese for the same price, prolly also Mmmamazing.  (pronounced “Ma-mazing, ie; delish way of expressing astonishment, now you know).

I came back the next day (!!), with a newly empty stomach to try the Flaki – a traditional Polish soup, swimming thick with ethereal swathes of beef tripe (MMMM!) in a smooth and warming broth reminiscent of a healing chicken soup, but thicker and spiced heavily with nutmeg, paprika, marjoram and pepper.  Euro Deli’s version was a tad salty, but otherwise fantastic and especially with bits of buttered rye bread dipped into it.  Winter?  Fah!  We will win winter.  We will win winter with soup.  Rarr!  (4.75$, I think).

Oh and specifically favourited things tried so far?  The sausage is snappy, the cabbage is deep dark and moreish, the cabbage roll is addictive, and the slaw is some of my favourite straight-up coleslaw in the city.  The pierogies I found to be hit and miss (there are 3: Meat: a bit like rillettes; Potato/onion: not distinctive; Cheese; melty fatty goodness), and the potato dumplings are not as good as some gnocci I’ve had, but like, whatever, it’s all good and you know you want it, especially slathered with that Hunter’s stew.

I come to enjoy the top 40 hits.  I come to enjoy the hilarious service that has forgotten my coffee every single time and to hear the neighbourhood thrive (locals, hipsters, geezers and travellers convening to talk about politics and deli meats).  I basically still have the whole menu to eat through, though, and I haven’t even tried the sweets yet.  Polish cheesecaaaaaake!  Eeek.

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