La Crêpière – simple pleasures and twee Parisian decor

I’ve passed by this crepe place, nestled right next to my favourite bookstore for far too long without ducking in to see if the taste was as good as the always-inviting smells of seared vanilla that emanated onto the street.

The menu is classic and clean, offering a decent array of both sweet and savoury crepe-things – all quite simple and quite affordable, ranging from about 5-10$.  They DO also have a kind of table d’hote that involves 1 crepe + 1 tea/coffee + one verrine dessert, which def. sounds nice, but on that morning it was a low-appetite kinda vibe, so we just went with one crepe each, and a lot of coffee.

I ordered the crêpe pêcheur (with tuna, olives, anchovies, tomatoe sauce & cheese), and Cloudy a Crêpe with apples and walnuts – both on buckwheat, of course!  How Breton, sha sha.

They came quickly and adorably folded, mine with a little attempt at a salad, and his with a bit of fruit, which was nice.  The crepes themselves were tangy, and very crispy on the edges, and I found the filling in mine to be a bit overly salty (anchovies!  but you know), and the amalgam not quite anything beyond the basic ingredients involved, but tasty enough for a light breakfast.  Cloudy muchly enjoyed his, and especially after requesting some maple syrup to slather on top, to add a much-needed touch of sauciness and sweet.  (It’s worth noting that the apples were cooked perfectly and the walnuts were toasted).  They obliged very nicely and didn’t charge for it, and I’ve also heard you can replace the nutella listed on the menu with real dark chocolate, if you so desire.

One thing to note about this place.  It is KITSCH TO THE EXTREME ZOMG.  Ha, and in the best, most quaint bed & breakfast kinda way.  Every inch is decorated to the nines in adorable knick knacks, and it does feel like a breezy oasis in the middle of St-Viateur.  It also seemed pretty popular with families and friends alike, lots of turnover and well-behaved kids maybe out with uncles and cousins and such on a quiet sunday.  Nice atmosphere.

Not the best crêpes in the world, obviously, but I liked it, and certainly cheap enough.

La Crepiere on Citeeze

La Crêpière on Urbanspoon

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