Cthulhu Casserole & Pisces Aquaparty


Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn ..”In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

Not that we’re in the business of raising dark spirits around here.  I mean, sometimes they show up and we talk to them politely, but that’s just good wizard graciousness.  And a casserole shaped like a fictional ancient cosmic Eldersquid seems like a pretty natural and instinctive and not necessarily evil addition to a double-birthday’d Piscean water-theme party, right?  Just evil enough to be delicious, and you know how THAT goes, right?  It was one of those… do you ever put your head together with someone and realize that your forces combined could amount to some righteous mischief?  Well, I pooled my culinary experience with another’s passion for demonic lore and created a most epic pre-party pasta dish.  Not hard to make either AND surprisingly deep-sea delicious….



  • rice vermicelli tossed with fresh pesto
  • lasagnette with fresh squid ink marinara (turned magically swampy and jet black and oceanic-smelling by the ink)
  • shell pasta, obv.
  • swirls of ricotta ooze
  • big chunks of really nice marinated tentacles from the fish place up the street
  • cheeze stuffed tomatoes for the eyes (many eyes)
  • roasted eggplant bodymass
  • and toasted pita wings… rarr rarr rarr


Make and bake and warm through and Cthulhu!  Suddenly.  And we all carb-loaded before drinking, and later on in the night some random girl ate the whole thing at like 3 in the morning, like she was possessed.  O_O   Ooooo.

So that was my birthday cake, sort of.  (I made another one later but the photo was bad so I won’t post about it.  But it was, for the record, I think, 4 layers of sponge soaked in lemon syrup with a grapefruit/lime curd + chantilly combo and lots of amaretti biscuits on top, pressed into a milk carton and aged in the fridge overnight to become One Lovely Square Thing…. MMMMMFLACKLE, LIKE EATING A CLOUD MADE OF VITAMIN C AND PUFFY SHEEP).  Oh yeah, and there was a fresh blackberry sauce to go with it.

<3 <3

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