Cereally Obsessed: Krave and Cinnamon Corn Pops

While travelling, it’s good sometimes to go for those silly fun-packs with the 6 cereals that you’re actually into and the 2 or so that make you go errrrrrrgh.  The errrrrrrghing might have something to do also with the lack of economy involved with buying so much packaging in relation to mascot-approved goodness, but hey – these ones were on sale for 3$ which works out to, oh I dunno, about 40c per bowl, so that’s okay.

AND this one involved KRAVE cereal, which I hadn’t tried before and wanted to, but heard that it kinda sucked so I didn’t want to spin for a big box.  AND it involve Cinnamon Corn Pops, which are also new, are also incredibly good, and we had met before, but it was a good opportunity to blog about the two of them.

For the record, Cinnamon Corn Pops are only available in Canada, which makes me feel extremely lucky because it is like orb-shaped mana from heaven, and Krave was only available in the U.K. until recently – which makes me feel sorry for Brits (British Point -1?) because I can tell you right now, it does indeed suck.

I’m sorry Krave, you suck. Milk does not thy attributes improve.

Well, it’s not that it’s inedible.  But I have pretty wide standards when it comes to cereal, coveting anything from the most virtuous puffed kamut brands to my favourite Lucky Charms, and this, this is NOT CEREAL.  It is, at best, some sort of half-brained snack food that manages to put hot chocolate mix into a nondescript wheat-tasting Cap’n Crunch-ish sorta feeling knock off and pretend to me that it is yummy.  I dunno.  You might like it.  But the first five ingredients are sugar and then there’s palm oil and then I think there might the tears of small babies, so count yourself duly informed and go into it expecting perhaps something other than breakfast appropriate normalcy.  You have been warned.

Cinnamon Corn Pops are the redeeming angel of the late-breaking funbox and my new favourite thing ever, though, so we can wipe our tears and continue to spoon away happily at sweetened milk like no abomination of any kind ever happened.  Like, if you’ve ever had Canadian Corn Pops, which are different than American ones, they’re kinda good but not very interesting.  Vaguely corn tasting, super crunchy, and a really ideal round size and shape.  These new ones take all of that and add cinnamon – real cinnamon – and there the magic happens.  My BF ate a whole box in like 3 days and he never cares a whiff for my cereal.  Excellence corroborated.  I even took some bananas and rolled them in chocolate and then studded them with these nice spicy pops and froze them solid and yes – It Was Mighty Good Stuff.  Really, really, really good actually, and not least because I also managed to sprinkle some sharded up sesame brittle candy onto the chocolate while I was at it.  Queens of lazy summer dessert represent!

happy-making spheres! ^.^

Serious Eats agrees.

( \/ This is not an official video, but it had to be done)

4 thoughts on “Cereally Obsessed: Krave and Cinnamon Corn Pops

  1. Jes says:

    Heh, I these cereals remind me of my foray into Canadian chips–Poulet chips, cheeseburger chips? Eugh. Totally worth buying & snacking, but not necessarily tasty. I wish those chocolate filled ones were better though, they seem like *such* a good idea!


    • elizabethranger says:

      uh-huh, it reminds me of these lobster flavoured chips I tried in Cape Breton that were ridiculously red from beet powder but had a 5% lobster flavour profile, if that. Ah well. And ketchup chips are weird, too! I wonder if they make poutine chips? :D


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