Domain Movements, Disappearing Feeds, and ♥ for my Blog Friends – an Update


Hello all,

I think there’s been some trouble with the relocation of teh olde blogge. Feeds not showing up in readers, especially.  I so apologize!  I’m trying to fix all of that as we speak, and I think part of the solution is erasing the location of the old blog – this place may not exist very soon in the future.

WP-reader still seems to be a problem, but the new blog will show up Google Reader if you subscribe to the RSS feed shaped like a pillow on the right-hand sidebar.  I hope it’s enough to stay in contact for now, but I’ll do everything I can to get back on the WP-reader!

Missing you all, and I’ll be around to check out your adventures regularly as always!

♥♥ Lizbeth

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