A Very Special Episode (or how I never learned to not overshare)


*Yawn*.  creak.  What?  Oh yeah.  Some time passes. 

4 years passes.  Whaaaaaat?  Again.  Um so I think I spent a lot of time maligning the entire country of Vietnam for throwing me off my blogging (and creative pursuits in general) but what I’m thinking now is that somewhere around January of 2013 my LAPPY (*laptop) died and after that I was good for Mahjong and baking and complaining but certainly not for smushing my opinion into the internet like I just don’t care.  Because blaming an entire country makes sense and everyone is doing it so it has to be the thing to do.  (Ack ack X_x). 

Things are better now.  I have a new lappy love now. 

Mmmm yes I got that computer that everyone hates and I luuuuuuurve it with it little bunny hearts and chubby stars and zooming lightning bolts and a bit of lust for silvery aluminium bodies.  Lucky Charm sentiments, if you will.  And, without further waffling on the subject of techno greed and the indefinable joy it’s slaking entails, here is the inaugural Creative Output™, shitty comic #32, wherein I explain things that don’t need mentioning.  But it makes me feel better to get it out there. 



So there you have it, the last 4 years summed up in about as much detail as it deserves (at least the boring parts, of which it was much).  Hurray for retrospective time-alteration and personal plot squidging!  

[ And then let us never speak of this again.  Sprinkles and dimples and spicy foods and adventure boots henceforth ]

2 thoughts on “A Very Special Episode (or how I never learned to not overshare)

  1. Jes says:

    Oh my gosh! Baby?! Rock on girl, things do certainly change! Can’t wait to keep reading your recipes. :) And suckit on that horrible blog hostage situation. The internet sucks sometimes.


    • elizabethranger says:

      It does, but it’s also feeling good to be back. And good to hear from you! I’ll probably post cute photos of said baby down the line, but only cause he rocks. oh my gosh I’m such a mom now . :p~~~~


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