About Me

What I think is that you have to use everything life gives you – like opening an icebox and reaching inside – and you use it well and modestly and hope that you’re a little better at it than you were yesterday.  Since you are being judged by an audience, you must supply them, not with a fantastic dinner every day, but sometimes with a glass of milk.

– George Balanchine

IMG_9971-2-2.jpgMy name is Liz and I’m a self-taught pastry cook based in Montreal.  I always save room for dessert.

I spent my twenties getting a Fine Arts degree, but it was always cooking – baking really, that took over my brain eventually.  Art and pastry, they used to squabble… but pastry pays the bills, you see.

Oh, that and I’m obsessed with it.

I never went to culinary school, I learned everything I know on the job (and from reading a lot).  And there is always, ALWAYS more to learn.

So I plan.  And practice.  Blogging is a huge part of that, part of my journey towards becoming a pastry chef.  It helps me to keep accurate records, and forces me to hone my recipes to a point where others can make them too.  I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!

You mention some mysterious names in your posts.  Who are these people?

I refer to the most important people in my life by nickname.  My husband, who’s been by my side for five years, I call him the Ninja because he is quiet and dark and can slip around unseen when he wants to.  My baby boy is Muffin because I cannot resist a food related name.  There are others.  Those two are my world, though.

Why is your blog called Bubble Tea For Dinner?

I don’t know.  I was drinking a lot of bubble tea at the time.  I’d just gotten back from Taiwan and they really do make it best.  I know it’s a silly name.  Let’s just say my brain is never on the main meal compared to my love affair with dessert.

Some of your recipes are copied word-for-word from the original authors.  What gives?  That’s not cool.

Oh geez, I know.  I had zero idea about blog etiquette when I first started BBfD.  I think that total naiveté is a big part of why I didn’t include a lot of recipes in the older posts, but I’m fixing it.  Everything is recent history is legit.  Boomshanka.

Partly it’s veganism’s fault and I didn’t want to pretend like I knew how to make pastry cream ’cause back then I didn’t.  I do now.


Yeah, it’s the way to be!  Or to each their own.  At any rate, I used to be vegan, and my vegan blog is called Kamutflake Girl, there are a lot of cakes there, too.

Can I collaborate/send you things/complain?

Hell’s yeah!  I’m easy like that.  I’d love to hear from you!


I archived all the desserts of the world once.  It’s on my Pinterest.

I mostly hang out on Instagram though.

And Facebook, but only to post about weird, arty, food-related things.

My Twitter is just for show, but you might convince me to use it more often.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ludgina Février says:

    Bonjour ce message est pour Mme Ranger,

    Je vous envoie ce message en faite pour pouvoir vous inviter à nos prochains événements à l’ITHQ.

    J’aurais besoin de votre adresse postale complète, de votre titre de poste actuel et d’un numéro de téléphone pour vous ajouter dans notre base de données.
    Ces informations, seront mises à jour dans notre base de données sur Excel afin de vous garder dans nos contacts à la direction des communications.

    Écrivez-moi le plus rapidement possible, il me fera un plaisir de répondre à vos questions. De plus, vous pouvez me joindre par téléphone aussi!

    Merci de votre attention!

    Agente de bureau
    T : 514 282-5111, poste 4042
    C : fevrier-ludgina@ithq.qc.ca
    Direction des communications, relations publiques et internationales
    Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec


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