Montreal Eats

 “In Montreal spring is like an autopsy. Everyone wants to see the inside of the frozen mammoth. Girls rip off their sleeves and the flesh is sweet and white, like wood under green bark. From the streets a sexual manifesto rises like an inflating tire, “the winter has not killed us again!”

– Leonard Cohen

AIX Cuisine du Terroir (French)

Amigo (Chinese/Szechuan)

Arepera (Venezuelan/Sandwiches)

Au Pain Doré (Patisserie)

Basi (Italian)

Biron (Fusion)

Bombay Mahal (Indian)

Boustan (Lebanese)

Burger Bar Crescent (Burgers)

Burger de Ville (Burgers)

Byblos Le Petit Café (Iranian)

Café Falco (Coffee/Japanese)

Café Le Souvenir (Brunch)

Cao Thang (Vietnamese/Sandwiches)

Cartel Street Food (Fusion/Tapas)

ChuChai (Thai/Vegetarian)

Dragon’s Beard Candy (Chinese)

Ella Grill (Greek)

Euro Deli Batory (Polish)

Fous Desserts (Patisserie)

Jardin du Cari (Carribean)

Kam Fung (Chinese/Dim Sum)

Kazu (Japanese)

Kem Coba (Ice Cream)

Koko (Fusion)

L’Auberge de Dragon Rouge (Burgers/Medieval)

La Crêpière (French)

La Chilenita (Chilean/Empanadas)

Le Nouveau Palais (Diner)

Lyla (Vietnamese)

Maison Bulgogi (Korean)

Maison Indian Curry (Indian)

Mon Nan Village (Chinese)

Moti Mehal (Indian/Pakistani)

Olive & Gourmando (Sandwiches/Bakery)

Omma (Korean)

Patisserie Callia (Patisserie/Chinese)

Patisserie Harmonie (Patisserie/Chinese)

Pop! Bar a Vin (Pizza/Bistro)

Queen Sushi (Sushi)

Su (Turkish)

Sushi 111 (Sushi)

*CLOSED* SwUrl (Frozen Yogurt)

Tachido (Mexican)

Terracotta (Italian)

Troika (Russian)

Typhoon Lounge (Burgers)

Wilensky’s Light Lunch (Deli)

Yuan (Vegetarian/Asian)

Yuki Ramen (Japanese)

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