your friendly neighbourhood Burger de Ville

Sometimes, we like to go to diners.

Sometimes, only a B.U.R.G.E.R. will do the trick.  You  know, those days when you don’t have anything particularly meaningful to say but those particular unmeaningful things would taste SO MUCH BETTER  with a milkshake to serenade the inconsequence with?  Burger de Ville is for those times.  We headed over.

A quick scan of the menu revealed a very very friendly pricing scheme, and a much snappier environment than such things usually entail.  A minor amount of hemming an’ hawing and then we settled on a Saint-Paulin burger (St. Paulin cheese, harissa mayo and lettuce-tomato-onion – 6.50$)) for Cloudy and a Noir et Bleu on a portobello for me (blue cheese, black pepper crust, caramelized onions and tomato-lettuce, 7.50$).  Plus the regular asides… fries, shake, yeah that stuff. (3$ and 3.50$ respectively)

While the Saint-Paulin turned out not to be as spicy as he’d hoped (and I hope that you know by now that we’re both enormous chile-heads ;), the kitchen more than amicably provided a bunch of pickled jalapenos on the side.  Unexpectedly, my Noir et Bleu on a portobello *was* spicy – crunchy charred with creamy pungence and onion sweetnence and ‘sploding like little black bombs on the crust of the most succulent (and huge!) portobello burg’ I’ve ever had the pleasure of needing copious amounts napkins to eat with.  Juicy?  Verily.  Meaty?  Actually, yeah, kinda.

Now, ordering a fungus as a main means I can’t really say personally what the actual meat patty at the table was like, but it looked pretty good.  I mean, I had a bite and it *was* good, but a bite is a bite and I already had my amazing sandwich bewitching me away from more carnivorous offerings.  Anyway, the thing is cheap, made fresh, and so easy to sample oneself, no?  OMGA that is the laziest blogger move ever, I think, you heard it here first, everyone. *grin*

No really, it looked plenty juicy and the toppings were fresh and I really really liked the buns they used – some disintegration problems, but sweet and pillowy and the right proportion.  Oh, and poppy seeds are awesome and all.

The spicy fries were, um, just sorta there (s’okay, s’orrite), and the milkshake was of the “probably real soft-serve-type ice cream was involved in the making” sort – you know, the more milky kind that’s got that DQ Blizzard-vanillin-taste almost refreshing mojo going?  Mmm, so I liked it.

In and out within the space of a lunch hour.  The place was nearly empty but it still felt totally cozy (and CLEAN!).  Neither of us more than 12$ poorer, about.  Geez, that’s pretty perfect!  I guess, my only wish was that they had some more interesting burgers listed on the menu, because I like to try novel concoctions, but the extensive list of free add ons probably makes up for that, three or more times over.  Yeeeeahahhhh.  And I quote:



Theoretically, one could create a monster.  A delicious, delicious monster.  (mmmm).

Also, I’m just realizing now that I think the simplicity of the arrangement is part of Burger de Ville’s charm, and maybe it’s best that they stay as straightforward as they are?  Anyway, glad it’s in the neighbourhood!

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I just ate my first entire burger ever! Thanks Typhoon Lounge

In my adult life, I have finished only one full burger, and that burger was last night.  ( Hey!  I was vegan for years and these things happen! ).  How lucky was I that the burger in question was a gleamingly pink centred and charry crusted example of the kind?  An inviting sandwich that has only whetted my appetite for more.

the Godfather

I accompanied Mr Lew of Great Burger Search blog and Foodie Date Night on an excursion to Typhoon Lounge – the kind of sports bar atmosphere I readily avoid and never would have imagined could be associated with such good food.  So glad to be corrected on this assumption!  And while my request for a portobello burger met with news that the kitchen was all out mushrooms (awwwwww) (yes, I actually adore portobellos, ok?), this turned out to be a blessing that forced me to face my fears head on…. and actually devour a cow sandwich.  Eek!

While not as juicy as the two other half-burgers I’ve had before in recent memory, it was

the Wilson

very flavourful, and cooked medium rare just as I asked.. (rarrr!  I like the colour pink in ALLLL sorts of ways, yo).  The toppings on the burger I chose – the Monkland – were unfortunate, though, as I didn’t realize that “avocados, jalapenos and chipotle mayo” would mean an unholy huge glob of slightly spicy mayo in the centre of what would otherwise be an enjoyable patty, but once I scraped off the worst of it and could taste the beef again, all was well.   Save for the mayo, it also wasn’t greasy in the slightest.  Yay!

The fries were good, just sweet enough and made me yearn for vinegar, but what was really impressive was the sweet potato fries that Foodie Date Night enjoyed – incredibly crisp sticks, unbelievable!  Superfried, must have been.  Mmmm.  Note to self: order sweet potato fries more often.

I heard nothing but rave reviews around the table, enough to balance out was honestly was some pretty slow service.  Is okay, though.  I’m spacey enough to decide not to notice things like that.  And for a solid meal like this, sometimes it’s an

the Typhoon. with BACON! :P

allowable time expense.

Next meat fear to conquer?     BACON.  Stay tuned!

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