Ma’amoul (Date & Walnuts filled Semolina Shortbread)

Aieeee! It’s another dried fruit cookie recipe in a row! I love them crazy though.

Sometimes I have the urge to root my body tableside, legs curled up not moving.  Fingers forming little identical packets, moving of their own wisdom, wet with water, sticky with grain.  Morsels of ripe dates and pale fine semolina, perfumed with orange flower and rose.  I feel time rest and swell and move slower, and maybe it’s just because I’m used to cooking on my feet, but the act of sitting down feels defiant.  Time is a tricky thing that runs out of your fingers like rice when you try to catch it, but will expand to fill every space when you decide to stop treating it like currency, to stop bargaining with it.   It’s an odd fluid thing not to be coldly bartered with.  It really hates that, I think. Continue reading