Garibaldi Biscuits… “Squashed Fly Cookies”

I am feeling wiiiiiissttfulllll.   (Weestfool?  Rested.  Covered in flour.  Ahem.)

So I begin a long absence by writing about nostalgia cookies.  Biscuits even.  Little dry pastry rectangles made chewy with squishy squashy fat currant middles.  Garibaldis!  Britishisms!  Victoriana at it’s best and ongoing fuel for my current tea cookie obsession.   This isn’t my first attempt at recreating them, either.  (Yon!   A light over yonder window into Liz-face’s ickle-baby vegan scientist proto-cookhood links!).  I think they were my favourite when I was a kid.  Way up there, somewhere between gingersnaps and box brownies and thin mints™.  And they are full of flies.  So, grossness bonus. Continue reading